Wms2Cad is a software to quickly georeferencingly display maps from WMS services on CAD drawings basing on coordinates in a known system. It allows additional information to be obtained from the services, like ordinates from a digital terrain model.

Wms2Cad has a huge base of predefined WMS, TMS and WMTS services. You may also easily add further services to the base!

Szoka Projekt
Mateusz Szoka
Ostrołęka, Poland

“A few clicks and the orthophoto jumps to the appropriate coordinates, which greatly speeds up the work.”

Download Wms2Cad and try its capabilities! The test version can be used for 10 days and it is limited to 1000 tiles. Please get acquainted with and accept the terms and conditions of the licence before downloading the test version.

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System requirements: Windows XP or newer.

Why land surveyors love Wms2Cad?

  • displays raster images from WMS services in a CAD drawing in an extraordinarily easy manner
  • supports WMS, TMS and WMTS services
  • allows for connection with any WMS service if its owner shares publicly the service’s network address
  • displays a single raster tile or a group of tiles (by a single click at a chosen place or by marking a selected area)
  • many predefined connections to various map services, including Open Street Map

Available licences

Buy a licence and start using our software today! Choose the variant suitable for your needs! A standard licence will allow you to use software on one device, while a portable (USB) license will allow you to work with it on multiple workstations (devices). Learn more about licenses.

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Exemplary subjects of WMS/TMS/WMTS services

  • ortophoto
  • general spatial plan
  • principal map
  • cadastral map
  • geologic map
  • digital terrain model
  • road map
  • topographic map
  • touristic maps
  • and many others
You should remember that data available on map services are usually protected by law and the consent for using these data may be required.

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