Types of licences

We provide both standard and portable (USB) licences. A portable licence allows software to be used on any number of devices; however, to run it, you need a pendrive, which acts as a hardware key. Every licence can be purchased in an annual or monthly option.

Standard licences


A single computer

You chose one computer on which you want to use the software.


Automatic transfer of the licence

If you change or modernize your computer, you can deactivate the licence and re-activate it  on the new computer. This procedure is fully automatic. 

After 24 hours from deactivation you can re-activate the licence.


Portable USB licences


One pendrive on many computers

Portable USB licences allow non-simultaneous using the software on many computers. When you use the software, the pendrive to which the licence is ascribed should be connected to the computer all the time.


Automatic transfer of the licence

You can deactivate the licence and activate it on a different computer by contacting us at office@cubicorb.com.


Flexible solution

The advantage of our solutions over classic licence keys is that one pendrive may contain the licences for many applications. It means that when you buy, for instance, the GIS suite, you can decide if you want to ascribe the licences to the same or different pendrive.

Portable licenses, due to their nature, are not available for software designed for mobile devices: QuickGNSS for Android, RawGNSS for Windows Mobile.

We provide Cubic Orb software in the form of license keys sent automatically to the e-mail address after making a purchase in the store. Software activation for each type of license is fully automatic and requires an internet connection.

We encourage you to read the license terms, service regulations and promotion regulations.

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