TranMap - transform coordinates with Cubic Orb survey software!


The advanced, universal land survey software to transform coordinates between different systems. TranMap allows for transformation of text and DXF files, as well as files drawn directly in CAD programs.

Krzysztof Sobkowiak
Geodezja Sobkowiak
Oleśnica, Poland

“Transformations in TranMap couldn’t be simplier.”

Download TranMap and try its capabilities. The test version can be used for 10 days. In the test version random coordinates are changed by few centimetres. Please get acquainted with and accept the terms and conditions of the licence before downloading the test version. 

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System requirements: Windows XP or newer.

Why land surveyors love TranMap?

  • great versatility
  • transformations are made directly to a CAD drawing which allows the user to avoid problems resulting from a map’s symbolic representation
  • one tool giving many possibilities for various transformations between many different coordinate systems
  • can work as an independent application

Available licences

Buy a licence and start using our software today! Choose the variant suitable for your needs! A standard license will allow you to use software on one device, while a portable (USB) license will allow you to work with it on multiple workstations (devices). Learn more about licenses.

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Standard licences

Standard licence allows to use the software on one device, read more

TranMap – single licence – annual

307.50 $

TranMap – single licence – monthly

81.18 $

TranMap – single licence – perpetual

819.18 $

Portable licences

USB licence allows to use the software on more than one device, but to run the software you have to connect the pendrive which performs the function of the “key”, read more

TranMap – portable licence (USB) – annual

461.25 $

TranMap – portable licence (USB) – perpetual

1,280.43 $

Update and support

Get access to all program updates as well as technical support and Cubic Cloud read more

TranMap – annual update & support services for perpetual licences

471.09 $

TranMap – annual update & support services for perpetual, USB portable licences

726.93 $


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Multiple licences?

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Features of TranMap

Transformations between coordinate systems
  • operation on various coordinate systems from different parts of the world
  • define own systems based on known parameters
Transformations based on defined adjusted points
  • supports five transformation models with possibility to apply Husbrandt corrections
  • supports external coordinates bases (the free version of GeoView allows to load coordinates of adjustment points to be loaded directly from the project or text file)
Transformation of various data sources
  • transformation of text files with coordinates, DXF files and other project files used in the majority of most popular CAD programs
  • transformation of many files at the same time
  • transformation of coordinates copied to a clipboard

See TranMap in Action!

See more movies with TranMap on our YouTube channel.

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