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TranMap is the advanced and universal software to transform coordinates between different systems. TranMap allows for transformation of text and DXF files as well as files drawn directly in CAD programs.
If you are: a surveyor, cartographer, designer, architect, planner or your pastime is to create maps in CAD systems, you have found the software for you! TranMap will win your appreciation and become an irreplaceable tool at your work quickly and efficiently resolving problems that result from using different coordinates system at the same time.

What stands out TranMap?

  • the fundamental advantage of TranMap is its great versatility,
  • one tool giving many possibilities to do various transformations between many different coordinates systems,
  • stable and identical operation irrespective of a CAD program used,
  • no matter which version of a CAD program you use the unique programming solutions applied in Cubic Orb’s programs eliminates the problem of compatibility between TranMap and CAD platform even after their thorough updating!
  • can work as an independent program
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Try it!

Download TranMap and try its possibilities.
The test version can be used for 30 days.

In the test version random coordinates are changed by few centimetres.

TranMap operates on Windows XP and newer systems (including Windows 10)

Please get acquainted with and accept the terms and conditions of the licence before downloading the test version.
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Buy a license and start using our software today!

Perptual licences

TranMap – perpetual licence


TranMap – annual update & support services for perpetual licences


Perpetual, USB portable licences

TranMap – perpetual, USB portable licence


TranMap – annual update & support services for perpetual, USB portable licences


Term licences

Term, USB portable licences

TranMap – monthly, USB portable licence


TranMap – annual, USB portable licence


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We warmly invite you to see TranMap’s channel on Youtube.
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Many CAD platforms for a single licence!

The list of platforms integrated with TranMap:

from v6, including: BricsCAD, ZwCAD+, GStarCAD, progeCAD, ActCAD and others.

95, SE, v7/J, v8, v8 2004 Edition, XM, v8i, Connect Edition and derivatives versions: PowerDraft, PowerMap, GeoOutlook, Redline, Navigator. V8 2004 or newer version is recommended.

from 2000 to latest version, AutoCAD LT – only with LT Extender or Cadsta Max.

Ares Standard, Ares Commander from version 2018.

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Features of TranMap

  • operation of various coordinate systems from different parts of the world,
  • defining own systems basing on familiar parameters.
  • TranMap supports five transformation models with possibility to apply Husbrandt corrections,
  • TranMap supports external coordinates bases (the free version of GeoView allows to load coordinates of adjustment points directly from the project or a text file).
  • transformation of text files with coordinates, DXF files and other project files used in the majority of most popular CAD programs, such as MicroStation, AutoCAD, ARES Commander, IntelliCAD (BricsCAD, progeCAD, GstarCAD, ZwCAD, ActCAD and many more),
  • transformation of many files at the same time,
  • transformation of coordinates copied to a clipboard.
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