RawGNSS is an easy-to-use software to generate editable reports from GNSS measurements, basing on RAW / RW5, Land XML, Job XML (JXL) and CSV files. It has many tools to create personalized measurement reports, including averaged coordinates from multiple measurements or comparisons from control measurements.

Rafał Burda
Cienin Kościelny, Poland

“Many interesting features to help you create GNSS reports. Rating 5/5”

Download RawGNSS and try its capabilities! The test version can be used for 10 days and has no functional limitations. Please get acquainted with and accept the terms and conditions of the licence before downloading the test version.

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System requirements: Windows XP or newer.

Why land surveyors love RawGNSS?

  • report generated in a convenient text file or optionally in the form of a HTML table 
  • works on both PCs and devices with Windows Mobile and Android (embedded in the QuickGNSS program)
  • tools for automatic generation of average points, calculating differences from control measurements and control of measurements’ quality
  • a number of available options allow you to customize the content and form of the report to individual needs
  • semi-automatic correction of an incorrectly entered antenna height, together with the conversion of point elevations

Available licences

Buy a license and start using our software today! Choose the variant suitable for your needs! A standard licence will allow you to use software on one device, while a portable (USB) licence will allow you to work with it on multiple workstations (devices). Learn more about licenses.

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Features of RawGNSS

  • A report’s layout may be adjusted to a user’s needs by using report templates or generating “traditional” text reports or reports formatted with charts (HTML)
  • Generating a report

    A report may be generated based on any RAW and RW5 file compatible with TDS (Tripod Data Systems) standard, as well as CSV file generated form LandStar

  • Supports files characteristic for SurvCE


  • Cooperation with other programs

    Operation verified with source files from: Survey Pro, TopSurv, Field Genius, SurvCE, FAST Survey, LandStar, X-PAD

  • specification of points from control measurements,
  • control of quality of points
  • report from localization
  • option to correct erroneous height of a pole
  • Works on Windows Mobile

    For operating systems installed on a controller for GNSS receivers.

  • Coordinates may be displayed in Google Earth
  • View and edit coordinates
    Coordinates may be displayed and further processed in our application, GeoView, or saved to a text file with errors of position and altitude height.
  • Printing and saving

    Received report may be printed or saved to text file or HTML.

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