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QuickGNSS is our revolutionary data collection software. It allows you to do field survey (both measure and stake) with GNSS (GPS) technology on any device with Android. You can use QuickGNSS together with many popular GNSS receivers and other devices with GNSS functionality, like mobile phones or tablets.

Robert Domke
Bydgoszcz, Poland

“Implementation of the application does not require any training in the field of use. It is noteworthy for its extremely friendly and intuitive stakeout interface”

Tomasz Wojtas
SPECGEO Usługi Geodezyjne
Miasteczko Śląskie, śląskie
“The authors took care of many measurement programs thanks to which virtually every surveying task is easy to perform. The support for WMS and DXF works very efficiently, which greatly helps work in a field.”
GNAM Henryk Amerski
Gorzów Wielkopolski, lubuskie
„Easy to use, fast and intuitive. The impressive speed of handling large dxf files also predisposes it to be an exceptionally efficient tool during a local interview.”
Michał Polański
Dyrektor Handlowy NaviGate
Kraków, małopolskie
“From the first start-up, you can see that QuickGNSS was created by surveyors with field practice, so we always have all field survey functions we need at hand.”
Usługi geodezyjne GEO-AMA
Amadeusz Złocki
Będzin, śląskie
“QuickGNSS should be distinguished in particular for: an intuitive interface, ease of use, speed of operation, accessibility – you can use it on any device without buying expensive GNSS handheld”

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The test version can be used for 10 days and has no functional limitations. Please get acquainted with and accept the terms and conditions of the licence before downloading the test version.

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Why land surveyors love QuickGnss?

  • avoid training – our survey software is user-friendly and intuitive
  • work on (almost) any receiver you want – QuickGNSS is adjusted to receivers of various producers, including these with a tilt
  • work smoothly on large dxf vector files – our field survey application has very effective graphics engine
  • simply exchange data between a field and office – just use our dedicated cloud CubicCloud or other Android services
  • work with WMS and WMTS – QuickGNSS allows you to connect WMS and WMTS services as a background of a map
  • make measurement reports – our app has integrated tool to generate reports from measurement
  • stake out almost everything – QuickGNSS has advanced options of staking from a vector map
  • field survey efficiently – thanks to measurement epoch frequency greater than one second
  • easily measure the most complex objects – QuickGNSS has advanced tools to manage points (correction of antenna height, attributing photos and videos, displaying Google Maps, etc.)
  • work with your echo sounder or laser distance meter – our field survey software supports these devices via Bluetooth

Available licences

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List of receivers on which QuickGNSS has been tested

  • Satlab SL500
  • Satlab SL600
  • Satlab SL800
  • Satlab SL900
  • Satlab SLC
Spectra Precision
  • Spectra Precision SP60
  • Spectra Precision SP20
  • Trimble R8
  • Trimble R8-3
  • Trimble R-6
  • Trimble R-2
  • Inne odbiorniki Trimble
  • ComNav T300
  •  TITAN TR7
  • Pentax G6 (NTRIP przez odbiornik)
  • Gintec F90
  • ProMark 500
Hi Target
  • Hi Target V30
  • Emlid Reach RS2
  • StonexS900T
  • South S82
  • South Galaxy G1
  • Kolida K5+
  • Kolida K9+
  • RUIDE S680N Pro
  • Geomax Zenith 20
  • Geomax Zenith 35 Pro

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Features of QuickGNSS

  • Two-tier management of objects (folder -> project)
  • Supports virtually all coordinate systems

    Possible to adjust to local coordinate system

  • Supports a tilt
  • Supports geoid models
  • Works with GPS receivers integrated with the device (without an external antenna)
  • Supports an echo sounder and laser distance metres via Bluetoot
  • Automatic connection of devices (including a receiver) when the app starts
  • Integrated tool to generate measurement reports directly from QuickGNSS menu
  • Supports many dxf files with option to turn them on/off
  • Import and export

    Import and export of data from/to the cloud CubicCloud, between QuickGNSS and other Cubic Orb software

  • Convenient edition of measured points

    Correction of antenna height and attribution of photos and videos to selected points

  • The intelligent compass

    Uses integrated magnetometer which, after exceeding chosen distance during staking of a point, switches to a very comfortable and intuitive mode of accurate staking

  • Live preview of significant parameters

    Coordinates, basic settings of measurement or staking

  • Advanced tool to support WMS services

    The services wizard, option to display several services at the same time, built-in list of predefined services

  • Calculation tools

    Distance, angle, surface, etc.

  • Many tools for advanced management of a receiver
  • Elongation of the measurement in the time of its performance (in one click)
  • Intelligent system of points naming
  • Intelligent system of codes application

    Convenient choice of the last codes selected

  • Creating and applying profiles of a measurement tolerance
  • Measurement of temporary points

    Points that are not stored in the database

  • Inteligent system of changing the height of the antenna
  • „Quick code” tool

    Operates from a map window

  • A number of the most popular staking options

    Point, line, arc, point from a vector of a map, point projected on a line

  • Staking of a vector with more than one segment
  • A tool for viewing tracked satellites and satellite systems
  • Very convenient menu for point selection

    The menu has, among others, the following options: the nearest, the nearest not measured, the last, download a temporary point

  • Offset measurements: from intersections, from 2 points, distance/angle etc.
  • Possible to block a compass when staking

    On north, the Sun, the Moon or any chosen point

  • Optional acoustic signalling of RTK status or voice assist when staking
  • Possible to display a chosen point on Google Maps or other map services on Android
  • Compact, intuitive and convenient tool

    The compact, intuitive and convenient tool to orientate at a work site by a smartphone and built-in GNSS receiver

  • Comfortable orientation at a work site

    Orientate at a work site comfortably owing to integrated map with a project in a dxf file

  • Comfortable searching for collisions with underground facilities

    By a map or a map with dxf files uploaded to the software

  • Using the view of satellite images facilitates orientation in the field
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