Portable License for KaliBronek is an innovative solution to not-simultaneous use KaliBronek on many computers. Instead of using expensive hardware keys (HASP) you can use a USB memory stick (PenDrive).

How does it work?

To create portable license you can use any USB flash drive. The license is created by using special software provided by GeoX. When you create a license, the necessary information is stored in folder “GeoX” on the removable disk. Then just install KaliBronek on any number of computers. From that moment on, you can use KaliBronek at any computer, if is connected to a computer flash drive with a license.


You can not change the contents of a folder “GeoX” on the Flash Drive, or delete it, there can also be formatted pen drive. Performing any one of these activities involves the mobile license reactivation.

For more information:
KaliBronek page

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