KaliBro is a well-known and appreciated land survey software to georeference (calibrate) rasters in a CAD environment. With KaliBro you can also comfortably edit, correct and manage raster images.

Wizer Rafał Jasiński
Święta Katarzyna, Poland

“Since I started using KaliBro I have no problems with deformed projects and maps”

Download KaliBro and try its capabilities! The test version can be used for 10 days. To each calibrated raster the signature “KaliBro test version” will be added. Please get acquainted with and accept the terms and conditions of the licence before downloading the test version.

Try it for free!

System requirements: Windows XP or newer.

Why land Surveyors love KaliBro?

  • supports monochromatic, colour and shades of gray rasters
  • loads a raster or group of geo-referenced rasters using the drag and drop method
  • operation of geo-referenced readings GeoTIFF, GEO, WordFile
  • operation of geo-referenced writings GeoTIFF, TAF, WordFile and DXF
  • allows searching a hard disc for geo-reference rasters concerning a selected area
  • edition of many rasters at the same time
  • option to withdraw the last editing change
  • mass resampling of rotated rasters
  • calculation of a raster position based on a map index in various configurations
  • option to georeference (calibrate) to a rotated raster with an optimal or configured raster rotation
  • scanning a raster with a preview and rotation by 90 degrees before inserting into a drawing

Available licences

Buy a licence and start using our software today! Choose the variant suitable for your needs! A standard licence allows you to use software on one device, while a portable (USB) licence allows you to work with it on multiple workstations (devices). Learn more about licenses.

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How can I buy a standard licence?
How can I buy a USB licence?

Multiple licences?

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Features of KaliBro

Many CAD platforms for a single licence. KaliBro allows you to work on all most important CAD platforms!

  • IntelliCAD and derivatives

    From v6, including: BricsCAD, ZwCAD+, GStarCAD, progeCAD, ActCAD and others.

  • Bentley MicroStation

    95, SE, v7/J, v8, v8 2004 Edition, XM, v8i, Connect Edition and derivatives versions: PowerDraft, PowerMap, GeoOutlook, Redline, Navigator. V8 2004 or newer version is recommended.

  • Autodesk AutoCAD

    From 2000 to latest version, AutoCAD LT – only with LT Extender or Cadsta Max.

  • ARES

    Ares Standard, Ares Commander from version 2018.

  • The unique manner of determining reference points

    Drawing simple lines in CAD connecting points from a raster with target points from a drawing.

  • Huge control over calibration and comfortable edition of adjustment points
  • The tool “calibrate to a grid”

    Greatly accelerates calibrating maps with a grid of crosses.

  • Variety of transformation models

    By similarity, affinity, two-row, polynomial of second or third degree.

  • Generating reports from calibration
  • Optional application of Hausbrandt corrections to every transformation method

    The breakthrough solution allowing to calibrate even very deformed rasters.

  • painting (cleaning out) a selected area
  • inversion, cropping, merging and denoising
  • removing marks after cropping a map frame
  • editing a fragment of a raster in a chosen external editor
  • raster preview
  • saving geo-reference
  • zooming a group of rasters
  • changing a colour or transparency of rasters in a CAD drawing
  • converting format of a file, compression, and colour pallet
  • many more!

See KaliBro in Action!

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