KaliBronek 2.0 - wyszukiwanie rastrówDear Customers and Users of KaliBronek v1.

We are excited to announce that the final version of KaliBronek 2.0 is published!

Here is a list of the most important news in version 2.0:
– Enhanced “Raster Manager” with easy access to all functions and editing multiple raster simultaneously,
– Raster conversions, including changing the file format, color depth and compression,
– Combine (gluing) multiple raster into one raster,
– New function for “straightening” (resampling) rotated raster,
– Edit part or whole raster in external editor,
– GeoTIFF support,
– Searching georeferenced raster on disk according to selected area,
– Improved tool for “quick calibration with grid” – automatic calculation of the amount of crosses,
– New models of transformation: bilinear, bicubic,
– Calibration to rotated raster with optimal or determined rotation,
– Raster scan tool with preview and optional rotation by 90 degrees,
– Change color, transparency and visibility of multiple raster in CAD drawing,
– Refreshed look and redesigned interface of the main window,
– Full compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


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