II place in the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography contest

“Development of a commercial application or website using the digital terrain model service”


The software to operate on sets of coordinates. Greatly facilitates drawing and other works in CAD. GeoView gives huge possibilities during browsing, analysing and processing sets of coordinates, with or without using CAD platforms. The addictive software strongly appreciated by surveyors, GIS specialists and designers!

Droga Development
Lublin, Poland

“In our opinion, Geoview and Wms2Cad are an absolute must-have for every design office in a road industry.”

GeoView has a free version with limited functionalities. Please get acquainted with and accept the terms and conditions of the licence before downloading the free version.

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System requirements: Windows XP or newer.


  • truly useful and time-saving browser for sets of coordinates
  • highly intuitive and easy-to-use
  • automatically recognizes the coordinate format in text files
  • integrated with majority of popular CAD platforms
  • you can display a sketch of points or send their coordinates to a CAD drawing by one click
  • you can preview a point on many popular online map services, such as Google Maps, Bing Maps
  • you can view points in Google Earth with one click
  • it addicts!

Available licences

Buy a licence and start using our software today! Choose the variant suitable for your needs! A standard licence allows you to use the software on one device, while a portable (USB) licence allows you to work with it on multiple workstations (devices). Learn more about licenses.

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How can I buy a standard licence?


How can I buy a USB licence?

Multiple licences?

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Features of GeoView

Many CAD platforms for a single licence. GeoView allows you to work on all most important CAD platforms!

  • IntelliCAD and derivatives

    BricsCAD, ZwCAD+, GStarCAD, progeCAD, ActCAD and others.

  • Bentley MicroStation

    95, SE, v7/J, v8, v8 2004 Edition, XM, v8i, Connect Edition and derivatives versions: PowerDraft, PowerMap, GeoOutlook, Redline, Navigator.

  • Autodesk AutoCAD

    From 2000 to latest version, AutoCAD LT – only with LT Extender or Cadsta Max.

  • ARES

    Ares Standard, Ares Commander from version 2018.

  • Other CAD platforms

    IMSI TurboCad, IMSI DesignCAD, Corel DRAW, Corel DESIGNER

  • Opening files with coordinates

    Text / CSV files, Leica GSI, TDS RAW/RW5, GPX, JPG with EXIF data.

  • Advanced processing of a set of points

    Shifting, renumbering, translating, sorting.

  • Advanced control of points

    Allows, among others, a search for points of the same coordinates, a group of points located on a given length, points having the same numbers.

  • Transmission/export of coordinates

    To: text files, Leica GSI, Sokkia SDR, Geodimetr (Geodat), Google Earth KML, GPX, Garmin PCX5, OZI Explorer WPT, Fugawi.

  • Displaying a location of points in external map services

    Google Maps, Bing Maps and others.

  • Display a preview of single points or sets in Google Earth
  • Display points in the built-in Sketch window
  • Automatic transformation from and to World Geodetic System 84

    If you want to display local coordinates in Google Earth, GeoView will automatically transform these coordinates to WGS84. Various local coordinate systems from different parts of the world are supported.

  • Comfortable export via Cubic Cloud

    Exporting a set of chosen coordinates to the cloud and importing them to other Cubic Orb software such as QuickGNSS.

  • Sending coordinates to a CAD drawing

    In a text form (numbers, ordinates), points, circles or symbols.

  • Inserting (drawing) multiple symbols

    By using codes from a table or active or predefined blocks (cells) based on chosen set of coordinates.

  • “Send clicks” tool

    Based on chosen coordinates, you can send series of clicks to the active CAD command

  • Reading coordinates of elements selected on a CAD drawing

    Texts, lines, points, symbols and others.

  • Supporting CAD drawings in 3D
  • Reading coordinates of points clicked on a CAD drawing
  • Supports interaction between a point table and CAD drawing

    Selects points in the table using  selection in CAD drawing, finds the closest point to point clicked on drawing in the table, zooms to a single point

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