Cubic Orb Surveying Suite is the complete set of programs for professionals performing all types of measurements with the use of GNSS receivers.

QuickGNSS app allows to do survey measurements using GNSS receivers by any chosen device equipped with the Android system. It is exceptionally intuitive as well as easy-to-use and has multitude of tools making the measurements more efficient.

RawGNSS is the program to generate files from survey measurements with the use of GNSS receivers basing on RAW, RAW5 and CSV files. Variety of options in this program enables to adjust a report to every user’s needs. 

GeoView is the tool to work on coordinates which facilitates preparing and uploading of data to QuickGNSS as well as exporting results of measurements from other two programs in the suite.

What is more, all programs can communicate between each other using the cloud – CubicCloud which makes measurements even more effective!

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