Cubic Orb gives you the broad scope of licencing possibilities from perpetual and annual to monthly and even one-day licences.

Perpetual licences

  • Without time limitation

    Perpetual licences allow for using a program without time limits.

Term licences

  • Use as long as you need

    Term licences allow for using a program for the time chosen by you, that is for one year, one month or one day.

  • Free updates for one year from the purchase

    Perpetual licences give you the one-year free support and update service. When this period lapses you can always purchase the subscription which gives you the access to the free support and update service for another year.

  • Free updates during the whole licence!

    Term licences give you a free service of support and update during the time for which the licences are granted.

One or more devices?

Both perpetual and term licences can be purchased in a node-locked (standard) version and as portable USB licences. The first gives you possibility to use the program on a one chosen device. The second allows you to use the program on unlimited number of devices, to run the program you have to connect USB flash memory (a pendrive) which performs the function similar to a dongle (HASP).

Because of its nature portable licences cannot be used in programs for mobile devices that is: QuickGNSS for Android and RawGenius in its Windows Mobile version.


Standard licences

  • One device

    In case of a standard licence you may choose one device on which a program may be used.

USB potrable licences

  • One pendrive, many devices

    Portable USB licences allow to non-simultaneously run a program on many devices. When running the program, the USB storage to which the licence is ascribed should be connected to the device.

  • Automatic transfer of a licence

    If you want to change or update your device, you can always deactivate the licence and activate it at a new device. Transfer of the licence is fully automatic. After 24 after deactivation you may activate the licence anew.

  • Transfer service

    You may deactivate a licence and activate it on a new dangle by contacting us at:

  • Flexible solution

    The advantage of our solutions over typical dongles is that one pendrive may store the licences for many programs. For instance, when buying Cubic Orb Premium package, you may decide whether to ascribe the licences to the same or different pendrives.

We provide our programs in the form of licence keys which are sent automatically on your email address after purchasing them in the shop.

In each type of the licence the programs are activated automatically. Only connection to the Internet is needed.

We recommend you get acquainted with terms and conditions of the licencerules of the services and rules of promotion.

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