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QuickGNSS  is the revolutionary application to control GNSS receivers using any device with Android system addressing the needs of surveyors disappointed with current solutions on the market.
The idea underlying QuickGNSS  is to create the first survey measurement app on the market meeting the expectations of surveyors, being user-friendly, having high speed of use and accessible for everyone, regardless of a brand and model of a GNSS receiver.

Able to receive corrections from the systems of reference stations, QuickGNSS can reach surveying accuracies in positioning with the use of dual or more frequency receivers. QuickGNSS is, above all, the program to do survey measurements, but, owing to its versatility, may be used in GISconstructionforestry or tourism.
Since QuickGNSS is created by practising surveyors searching for the ease of practical use, it is very convenient as well as intuitive and works exceptionally quickly and efficiently.

What stands out QuickGNSS?

  • the first so convenient and effective app to control GNSS receivers with the use of Android!
  • user-friendly and intuitive so much that it does not require a training,
  • adjusted to receivers of various producers,
  • very effective graphics engine which allows to use  DXF vector files,
  • integrated tool to generate measurement reports,
  • possible to connect WMS services as a background of a map,
  • very easy exchange of data with a computer via the cloud CubicCloud or other services available on Android,
  • more effective measurement thanks to measurement epoch frequency greater than one second,
  • advanced options of staking from a vector map,
  • supports an echo sounder and laser distance metres via the Bluetooth connection.
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Try it!

Download QuickGNSS and try its capabilities!
The test version can be used for 10 days and has no functional limitations.

  • Android 5.1 or above (including Android 10)
  • 32bit ARM processor

Please get acquainted with and accept the terms and conditions of the licence before downloading the test version.
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Term licences

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QuickGNSS is in an ongoing development process. We are constantly working on improving existing and developing new application possibilities. In the nearest feature we are going to introduce a road mode supporting digital terrain models. In the future we are planning to develop advanced functions of supporting every kind of numerical maps, including GML files support and introduce functions making use of augmented reality technology (AR).

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Features of QuickGNSS

  • two-tier management of objects (folder -> project),
  • supports virtually all coordinates systems,
  • supports geoids models,
  • supports receivers of many producers,
  • possibility of using a GPS receiver integrated with the device (without an external antenna),
  • supports an echo sounder and laser distance metres via the Bluetooth connection,
  • automatic connection of devices (including the a receiver) when the program starts,
  • integrated tool to generate measurement reports directly from QuickGNSS menu,
  • supports many dxf files with possibility to turn them on/off,
  • import and export of data from/to the cloud CubicCloud, between QuickGNSS and other CubicOrb’s programs,
  • convenient edit of measured points.

QuickGNSS is, above all, the program to perform every type of survey measurements (including staking). The main measurement features are:

  • averaged measurements at a frequency greater than 1 second (depending on a receiver used),
  • elongation of the measurement in the time of its performance (in one click),
  • intelligent system of pickets numeration,
  • intelligent system of codes application (convenient choice of the last codes selected),
  • intelligent system of changing the height of the antenna, 
    measurement of temporary points (not displayed in the chart),
  • creating and applying profiles of a measurement tolerance,
  • a number of most popular staking options: point, line, point from a vector of a map,
  • staking of a vector with more than one bend,
  • a tool for viewing tracked satellites and satellite systems,
  • very convenient menu of point selection having, among others, the following options: the nearest, the nearest not measured, the last, download a temporary point,
  • tools to indirect measurements : linear section, intersection of sections.

Main operations of QuickGNSS are performed in or around a map view. Apart from basic preview of the map view, QuickGNSS is equipped with a number of additional features which make the application even more convenient:

  • connecting WMS services as a background of a map,
  • the intelligent compass using integrated magnetometer which, after exceeding chosen length during staking of a point, switches to the very comfortable and intuitive mode of accurate staking,
  • an exceptionally effective graphics engine which allows to use even large dxf files without a significant slowing down of the application,
  • live preview of significant parameters (coordinates, basic settings of measurement or staking).

QuickGNSS can be practically applied by specialists participating in construction process. QuickGNSS can significantly accelerate the construction process thanks to: 

  • the compact, intuitive and convenient tool to orientate at a work site by a smartphone and build-in GNSS receiver,
  • comfortable orientation at a work site owing to integrated map with a project in dxf file,
  • comfortable searching for collisions with underground facilities by a map or a map with dxf files uploaded to the program,
  • using the view of satellite images facilitates orientation in the field.
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