ARES+GeoXWe have published an updated all of our software, including  KaliBronek, Wms2Cad, TranMap, GoKart, and GeoView.

To the huge number of CAD platforms with which our software cooperates has joined ARES Commander – the platform made by a German company Graebert GmbH.

ARES Commander is a very interesting, modern and multi-system CAD software that natively supports DWG files.

The most important features of ARES Commander are as follows:

  • comprehensive servicing of DWG format (current and any previous versions) including  reading and modifying DWG 2018 files
  • fast and stable working in both simple and complex projects
  • high efficiency of drawing in 2D (the wide and well-customized set of tools)
  • the intuitive and modern interface (convenient and easy to use in the form of ribbon interface or classic menu)
  • advanced Block Attributes Editing (replacing blocks by other blocks as well as external references, reports, import attribute, replace attribute)
  • DGN import and service, advanced PDF to DWG conversion
  • ACIS 3D Solid solid modeler from Dassault Systemes
  • a wide range of the software’s customization (interface type and format, adjustment of workspaces, ribbons, toolbars, menu, own shortcuts, aliases, etc.)
  • Cloud Storages Palette (Google Drive®, Box®, Dropbox®, OneDrive®) powered by ARES Kudo (synchronization, reviewing, editing, disclosure)
  • several types of licenses enabling to adjust the program to individual needs (local and network licenses, perpetual and subscription licenses), ability to use the program on any computer

You may find more info on the producer’s website:


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