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GeoView facilitates life of everyone working on sets of coordinates and users of CAD programs. Despite of its apparent simplicity, GeoView gives huge possibilities during browsing, analysing and processing sets of coordinates as well as when performing any work with the use of CAD platforms. Thanks to its wide application, GeoView has won appreciation within surveyors as well as designers, GIS specialists and even individual users!

What stands out GeoView?

  • truly handy and quick browser of sets of coordinates,
  • greatly intuitive and easy-to-use,
  • the powerful tool having broad application in various areas,
  • integrated with almost every popular CAD platform,
  • drawing a sketch of points or sending their coordinates to a CAD drawing by one click,
  • you can simply drag any point with coordinates into GeoView icon and they will be displayed in a transparent chart immediately. Text files are opened without unnecessary questions about separators and sequence of data. GeoView automatically recognizes various separations and correctly places data in the chart.
  • addicts!
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Try it!

GeoView does not have a test version, instead of this you may make use of the free version available to download below

GeoView operates on Windows XP and newer systems (including Windows 10)

Please get acquainted with and accept the terms and conditions of the licence before downloading the test version.
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Perptual licences

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Perpetual, USB portable licences

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Many CAD platforms for a single licence!

GeoView allows you to work on all most important CAD platforms!

from v6, including: BricsCAD, ZwCAD+, GStarCAD, progeCAD, ActCAD and others.

95, SE, v7/J, v8, v8 2004 Edition, XM, v8i, Connect Edition and derivatives versions: PowerDraft, PowerMap, GeoOutlook, Redline, Navigator. V8 2004 or newer version is recommended.

from 2000 to latest version, AutoCAD LT – only with LT Extender or Cadsta Max.

Ares Standard, Ares Commander from version 2018.

from v12.

DoubleCAD, TurboCAD from v15.

Corel DRAW, Corel DESIGNER from v12.

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Features of GeoView

The main part of GeoView is a chart to import base of coordinates together with numbers of particular points, ordinates and codes (or descriptions).

Various tools in the software allows particularly for:

  • browsing files with coordinates (text files, LandMap, GEO 89, Leica GSI, TDS RAW/RW5),
  • advanced processing of a set of points – sifting, renumbering, translating, sorting (in the read-only mode) with possibility to export modified sets to a TXT file or other formats,
  • advanced control of points allowing, among others, to search for the points of the same coordinates, a group of points located on a given length, the points having the same numbers,
  • transmission/export of coordinates to: GEO2000 (Casio), M-GEO (Psion Workabout), Geodimetr (Geodat), Leica GSI, Google Earth KML, GPX, Garmin PCX5, OZI Explorer WPT, Fugawi with automatic transformation to system WGS84, if needed,
  • displaying a location of points in external map services such as: Google Maps, Zumi, Geoportal, bing Maps, Yahoo! Maps,
  • displaying a location of points on the built-in CAD browser,
  • displaying a preview of single points or their sets in Google Earth,
  • setting up a list of maps section for an entire set of points or marked points,
  • reading GPS coordinates from EXIF data of JPG.

GeoView is integrated with the majority of most popular CAD platforms so how broad it can be applied hinges only on needs and imagination of a user.

The most typical applications are:

  • sending coordinates to a CAD drawing in a text form (numbers, ordinates), points, circles or symbols,
  • massively inserting (drawing) symbols by using codes from a chart or active or predefined blocks (cells) basing on chosen sets of coordinates,
  • automatic drawing of fractional lines basing on chosen coordinates in the order of how they are located in a chart (no.) by the tool “send clicks”,
  • reading coordinates of elements marked on a CAD drawing (texts, lines, points, symbols),
  • supporting CAD drawings in 3D,
  • reading coordinates of points clicked on a CAD drawing,
  • marking points chosen by an outline (or different method) on a CAD drawing in a chart by using the advanced marking tool,
  • exporting a set of chosen coordinates to the cloud ascribed to your licence (CubicCloud) and their importing to other Cubic Orb’s program such as QuickGNSS,
  • other operations supporting an integration with a CAD drawing (zooming, searching for clicked points in a chart, etc.).
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