CubicOrb Software

For many a year Cubic Orb software has served as a great help for surveyors and other professionals in their work. Each of our software is an answer to a specific practical problem we came across during our surveying work.

Stanisław Dwornik
Szczecin, Poland

“I recommend Cubic Orb as high class specialists.”

Podlaski Serwis Geodezyjny sp. z o.o.
Łukasz Szeluga
Białystok, Poland

“Due to the fact that Cubic Orb is created by surveyors and programmers, they know what kind of solutions need to be implemented in order to solve real problems encountered in this industry”

Gradus s.c.
Mieczysław Kurzynoga
Wrocław, Poland

“I can’t imagine doing chamber works without using Cubic Orb”




What makes our programs special?

  • integrated with all popular CAD platforms
  • intuitive and easy-to-use,
  • ensure maximal optimization of surveying processes
  • lots of functionalities for a moderate price
  • can be applied to related industries (construction, designing, GIS)
  • diversified licencing system adjusted to meet every user’s needs
  • created by practitioners and solving practical problems

Our software is created by Tomasz Kamiński, who combines years of practical experience in surveying with the programming gift. All of them are tested by us in our day-to-day work.  Thanks to this, we have no doubts that Cubic Orb software will meet your expectation 

Our software


edit and calibrate rasters in CAD


display WMS/TMS in CAD


GPS measurements for android


operate on sets of coordinates


transform coordinates in CAD


generate GNSS (GPS) reports

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