Our products have been created to solve practical surveying problems.

No one knows how a surveying software should work better than a practising surveyor. Cubic Orb operates in all essential areas of surveying (from realizing typical surveying services, to distributing surveying equipment). The creator of our software – Tomasz Kamiński combines many a year of practical experience in surveying with the programming gift and passion. Thanks to this, we have no doubts that Cubic Orb software will meet your expectation and be invaluable support in your work.

Cubic Symbol
Cubic Symbol

What stands out our software?

  • solve specific problems in surveying (pay and use what you need),
  • created by practicing surveyors,
  • intuitive and easy-to-use,
  • integrated with all popular CAD platforms,
  • diversified licencing system adjusted to meet every user’s needs,
  • lots of functionalities for a moderate price,
  • created to ensure maximal optimization of surveying processes