• 1. General provisions
  1. This rules of promotions (“the Rules of Promotions”) determines the terms and conditions of promotion for Cubic Orb’s goods and services.
  2. The Rules of Promotions is interrelated with the rules of supplying services electronically by Cubic Orb (the “Rules”). In matters not regulated by the Rules of Promotions (in particular technical support, complaints and responsibility) the provisions of the Rules shall be applicable.
  3. The Rules and the Rules of Promotions are published on the Website in a manner that allows the User to get acquainted with its wording as well as obtain, open and save it.
  4. The Rules of Promotions does not prevent the negotiation of individual terms and conditions of agreements by the Users, in particular if they are interested in purchasing higher number of the Licences for the Computer programs or starting the long-term cooperation with respect to distribution or agency of Cubic Orb’s goods or services.
  5. The Rules of Promotions does not prevent offering individual Promotions to the Users to the extent it is not contrary to imperative norms of the law, in particular the Act of 16 April 1993 on combating unfair competition.
  • 2. Definitions
  1. Unless the Rules of the Promotions states otherwise, expressions used therein which are defined in the Rules and written in the manner set out in the Rules have the meaning ascribed to them by the Rules.
  2. Unless the Rules of the Promotions states otherwise, expressions used in the Rules of Promotion and written in the manner set out below have the following meaning:



Right to use the Computer Program or the Package of Programs on the terms and conditions and fields of exploitations set forth in the Licence Agreement.

Program Suite

at least two Computer Programs which are possible to purchase as a whole, according to Cubic Orb’s offer. 


all promotions concerning Cubic Orb’s goods or services.

Demo Version

the free-of-charge version of the Computer Program available for short-term use in order to get acquainted with the Computer Program’s functionalities.



  • 3. General provisions
  1. Making use of the Promotion is equivalent to accept the Rules of Promotions.
  2. The Promotion is effective from the moment of its introduction on the Website, or in the other manner chosen by Cubic Orb to the moment of its finishing, which may take place, among others, by deleting the Promotion from the Website, informing the Users about its finishing, or lapse of time determined in the Promotion. Finishing of the Promotion does not affect the User’s rights granted before it has been finished.
  3. Introducing the Promotion does not require amending the Rules of Promotions.
  4. The detailed information as regards the Promotions and their terms and conditions may be published on the Website on the subpage concerning the good or service to which the Promotion applies. If such information do not state otherwise, the Rules of Promotions shall be applicable to them.
  5. If the Rules of the Promotion or terms and conditions of the Promotion do not state otherwise, discount codes for the Computer Programs are valid for a week from their delivery to the User.
  • 4. Discount for purchasing the Licence for the same Computer Program

If the User at the same time purchases more number of the Licences for the same Computer Program, the User shall be entitled to the following discounts:

  1. in case of buying at least three Licences the fee for all Licences is decreased by 5%,
  2. in case of buying at least six Licences the fee for all Licences is decreased by 10%,
  3. in case of buying at least eight Licences the fee for all Licences is decreased by 15%


  • 5. Exclusions of application; prohibition of the assignment
  1. The Rules of Promotion shall not apply to the Demo Versions.
  2. Unless the rules of a given promotion states otherwise, the User is not entitled to assign rights or claims which it may have under the Promotion.
  • 6. Applicable law and jurisdiction
  1. The Rules of Promotions (including all disputes arising in connection with it, its validity, its invalidity and a construction of its wording) is governed exclusively by the law of Poland.
  2. All disputes in connection with the Rules of Promotion shall be resolved by a court of territorial jurisdiction over Cubic Orb’s registry seat.
  • 7. Amending the Rules of Promotions
  1. Cubic Orb has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Rules of Promotions.
  2. The amendment of the Rules of Promotions does not affect negatively the rights which the Users have acquired before its entry into force.
  3. Making use of the Promotion after amending the Rules of Promotions is equivalent to the acceptance of these amendments. 


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