Support of WMTS services and the new option in Wms2Cad – Get Feature Info – which allows you to get information from WMS, improved sketch behavior for large coordinate sets in GeoView are just some of the improvements to our programs we introduced in September.

At the beginning of September, we released new updates for Cubic Orb software. Expect many amendments and functionalities that will greatly simplify and accelerate your office work!

What changes have we made?

Wms2Cad is significantly developed. We added the new functionality Get Feature Info which allows you to get information from selected WMS. We also updated the list of Web Services (worldwide, Polish, Czech and Slovak) both WMS and WMTS. The advantage of WMTS over WMS is a much faster tile display time, which enables you to display many tiles (high levels) in a very short time. New website definitions are not enough. Wms2Cad has also been developed with the function that allows you to delete all rasters in a current session.

https://youtu.be/64NUDBkNn1oGeoView will be an interesting solution for people working on point clouds. We’ve improved the sketch behavior so that the coordinates load very fast and the view moving is much smoother. In addition, people working on blocks in AutoCad will be pleased to the possibility to read the point number from the attribute when getting block coordinates from a DWG drawing. GeoView is now available in English!https://youtu.be/R94DAhgPPb4

We also developed other software. Big facilitations while working in KaliBro will be the ability to delete recently used lines from the drawing and the option “Overwrite source raster”. In RawGenius, we’ve updated the help file. TranMap gains the ability to update WordFile georeferencing when transforming rasters in CAD drawing. We have also improved the transformation of TXT files and recognition of the data format. TranMap is now available in English!

We want to expand the scope of our activity, which is why the Wms2Cad, TranMap, KaliBronek and RawGenius are available in the Italian language!

Which changes do you expect in new updates? Let us know in the comments!

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