Antenna height corrections

Select Tools -> Antenna height corrections In the table, enter the new antenna height and specify for which points to make the altitude correction. You can enter many heights simultaneously for different ranges of points.

How to use RawGNSS?

Open a RAW file Using the Open RAW file… button open the source file for which you want to make a report. The completed report will be displayed in the program window. Open a RAW file from Cubic Cloud The option is available if you...

Creating report templates

Select Tools -> Options… -> Report Template to customize the appearance of the report. You can customize the appearance of the report to your needs by entering your heading for examlpe information about your company and about measurements...

Average repeated measurements

Select Tools -> Options… To average repeated measurements, enter the value of the search radius and (if needed) select Consider H during search, Consider point accuracy during average. If Average repeated measurements is selected, points...