In Cubic Orb, we are always committed to make our users competitive on the market and deliver them the best solutions in the office and field! That’s why our developers constantly give you updates.

QuickGNSS after changes – even more advanced and user-friendly

The latest updates allows you to select points in an advance manner, according to their source (GNSS, COGO, user), the name and code mask. Displaying the points on the screen will vary depending on the source. For example, if you import your points, the points will be dimmed which make them easier to notice. You can also easily find points by content, photos, recordings, description or height. The results? Our intuitive and easy-to-use application is now even more intuitive and user-friendly!

Another stunning change is the stakeout to the closest point function. The user can now choose to give the priority to the imported staked points over the points from GNSS.
For specialists having receivers with a tilt function, the latest version of QuickGNSS has the option of measuring offset from intersections using a tilt. German users can now enjoy improved support of DHDN coordinates system.

New receivers supported by QuickGNSS

quickgnss_map_offset_staking_arcOne of the biggest advantages of QuickGNSS is its universality. You can use the app on any Android device. It also works with most of GNSS receivers available on the market.

In the latest versions of QuickGNSS we have added support for great number of receivers. Specialist working on South, Kolida, Ruide, Gintec or Pentax can now enjoy the comfort of measuring and staking with QuickGNSS!

The number of receivers compatible with QuickGNSS is even greater! The app’s new update gives you the possibility to connect receivers with dedicated applications which allows sharing the position, like Trimble’s Mobile Manager, Spectra Precision’s SPace and Leica’s Zeno Connect. You can do so through the “Mock Location” mechanism.

This solution is not only another method of connection (QuickGNSS works smoothly with majority of Trimble and Spectra Precision’s receivers) but also allows you to connect QuickGNSS with the receivers having locks which limit the use of third parties’ applications.

The connection through the “Mock Location” mechanism is easy as pie! You need to configure the RTK/RTN profile for receiving corrections in the application of your receiver’s manufacturer. After that just check “Use an alternate built-in GPS receiver” in QuickGNSS and you can get the position from the RTK receiver with all necessary accuracy parameters!

See all the changes and check out our app for free!

Find out the full list of changes at: www.cubicorb.com
See what we have improved and try the new functionalities by downloading QuickGNSS’ current version for free!

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