Who we are?

We are the team of surveyors and programmers who aim to revolutionize the surveying industry by providing professionals with the solutions that solve their real problems. Cubic Orb is the result of the merger between surveying and programming firms.

years of commercial presence on the Polish market

years of experience in programming

years of experience in surveying

The founders

Krzysztof Krzeszowski

president of the Management Board

“Our aim is to create solutions that resolve real problems of professionals. Our products and services aim at optimizing their work and make it more efficient and effective. We should remember, however, that dynamism of todays life requires the dynamism of acting and perceiving changes as chances. We always search for the best path instead of obstinately striding the one chosen before.”

About Krzysztof

He graduated in Surveying and Cartography from the Natural University in Wroclaw on the basis of the M.A. thesis which has been subsequently used in a professional scientific article. He is a graduate in postgraduate studies Managing Business and Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), both at the University of Economics in Wroclaw.

Piotr Górecki

vice-president and CEO

“We treat every customer as a business partner and every business partner as a customer. Entering into long-standing relationships based on mutual benefits is a foundation of our business and condition of its success. We emphasize respecting ethical rules on every stage of our business.”

About Piotr

PhD in legal sciences (intellectual property law), the graduate of Managing Business (the University of Economics in Wroclaw) and International Finance (the Warsaw School of Economics). Formerly the vice-president of the Management Board in the Polish branch of a Norwegian new technologies company and a lawyer in a listed company responsible for legal strategy in intellectual property and international transactions.

Tomasz Kamiński


“When creating our products we put special emphasis on analytic works and continual updating at distribution stage. We actively cooperate with scientific entities.”

About Tomasz

A surveyor by training and a programmer by a profession and passion. The creator of dozens of computer programs applicable to surveying, construction and GIS which are widely appreciated on Polish market as well as overseas. Tomasz has a long-standing experience in providing surveying services in a big surveying company.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can successfully operate in every sphere of surveying, which helps us to deeply understand surveyors’ needs and provide them adequate solutions in every aspect of their work.

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Our solutions are also appreciated by specialists in related industries such as designing, construction or GIS.

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